We find, foster and fund early stage talent in tech through our ecosystem

Founder, CEO at InMind
Starta Accelerator & School of C Graduate

Anastasia Batkhina

Founder, CGO at BraveUp
Starta Accelerator Graduate

Alvaro Carrasco

School of C Graduate

Anatoly Mireev

King Li

Founder, CEO at Lystings
Starta Advisory Graduate

Founder, CEO at CodeLN
Starta Accelerator Graduate

Elohor Thomas

Founder, CEO at Signum
Starta Accelerator Graduate

Artem Gladkikh

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Our Team

Founder & Partner at Starta Capital
Venture Partner at Starta Capital
Partner at Starta
Partner, Director at Liqvest
Program Director at Starta Accelerator
Kristina Zabolotskaya
Director at School of C
Operations Director at Starta
Adeniyi Adebayo
Venture Partner at Starta
David Israelashvili
Venture Partner at Starta
Venture Partner at Liqvest
Venture Partner at Starta
Senior Analyst at Starta
Anastasiia Sokolova
Executive Assistant at Starta Capital
Jan Wiechers
Venture Partner at Starta
Program Manager at Starta Accelerator
Renat Khairullin
Head of African Acceleration Track at Starta Accelerator
Branding & Marketing Manager at Starta
Anna Meliantsova
Program Manager at School of C
Venture Capital Associate at Starta
Evgenia Temnysheva
Investment Manager at Liqvest
Alina Fateeva
Product Manager at School of C
Aleksei Korobkov
BizDev Manager at School of C