We find, foster and fund early stage talent in tech through our ecosystem

Founder, CEO at InMind
Starta Accelerator & School of C Graduate

Anastasia Batkhina

Founder, CGO at BraveUp
Starta Accelerator Graduate

Alvaro Carrasco

School of C Graduate

Anatoly Mireev

King Li

Founder, CEO at Lystings
Starta Advisory Graduate

Founder, CEO at CodeLN
Starta Accelerator Graduate

Elohor Thomas

Founder, CEO at Signum
Starta Accelerator Graduate

Artem Gladkikh

What We Do

For Early Stage Founders

A soft landing program in New York designed to help international startups scale their US market presence and raise capital.
For Investors & Partners

Starta Capital is an early stage venture capital fund that invests in startups from pre-seed to Round A, benefiting from the ecosystem approach.
For Co-Investors

A co-investment platform that offers an opportunity to angels to directly invest in early stage startups alongside professional venture capital funds.
For Future C-Professionals

A practice-based business school designed for professionals to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to get C-level positions within a startup.
School of T
For Future Tech Professionals

A practice-based technical school designed for future Full-Stack Engineers, CTOs, Dev Ops, QAs and other positions
School of I
For Future Investors & VCs

A practice-based investor school designed for future angel investors and VCs

Our Portfolio

The world’s smallest underwater radio that helps coaches guide their swimmers while they’re in the water, and get better results.
The world's first manned hoverbike.
Effa is the first world's 100% renewable and recyclable toothbrush made of paper. has taken AI and machine learning and packaged it so that any business can streamline their processes and transform everyday marketing and sales fundamentals.
AI-based omnichannel shared inbox for customer support over Voice, Email, Live Chat, SMS, and WhatsApp.
An online whiteboard for work and life.

Starta News

    Our Team

    • Founder & Partner at Starta Capital
    • Venture Partner at Starta Capital
    • Partner at Starta
    • Partner, Director at Liqvest
    • Program Director at Starta Accelerator
    • Kristina Zabolotskaya
      Director at School of C
    • Operations Director at Starta
    • Adeniyi Adebayo
      Venture Partner at Starta
    • David Israelashvili
      Venture Partner at Starta
    • Venture Partner at Liqvest
    • Venture Partner at Starta
    • Senior Analyst at Starta
    • Anastasiia Sokolova
      Executive Assistant at Starta Capital
    • Jan Wiechers
      Venture Partner at Starta
    • Program Manager at Starta Accelerator
    • Renat Khairullin
      Head of African Acceleration Track at Starta Accelerator
    • Branding & Marketing Manager at Starta
    • Anna Meliantsova
      Program Manager at School of C
    • Venture Capital Associate at Starta
    • Evgenia Temnysheva
      Investment Manager at Liqvest
    • Alina Fateeva
      Product Manager at School of C
    • Aleksei Korobkov
      BizDev Manager at School of C