Statement from Starta
In the face of recent events, we open our expertise and resources to entrepreneurs around the world who are suffering from the consequences of the Russo-Ukrainian war. Reach out to us at if you need any of the following:
  • Free consultations on immigration law
  • Help in business relocation, incl. consultation, legal address and opening of bank accounts
  • Assistance in job search in IT


We find, foster and fund early stage talent in tech through our ecosystem

Founder, CEO at Cofundie

Founder, CGO at BraveUp
Starta Accelerator Graduate

Alvaro Carrasco

School of C Graduate

Anatoly Mireev

King Li

Founder, CEO at Lystings
Starta Advisory Graduate

Founder, CEO at CodeLN
Starta Accelerator Graduate

Elohor Thomas

Founder, CEO at Signum
Starta Accelerator Graduate

Artem Gladkikh

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Partner at Starta
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Partner at Starta
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Head of Global Partnerships at Starta Accelerator
Adeniyi Adebayo
Venture Partner at Starta
Ricardo Taveras
Product Coach at Starta Accelerator
Rob Napoli
Marketing Coach at Starta Accelerator
Dave deCourcelle
Marketing Coach at Starta Accelerator
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Director at School of C
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Head of African Acceleration Track at Starta Accelerator
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