Fall 2021 Investor Showcase

Fall 2021 Investor Showcase

Country of Origin: Russia
Founders: Alexey Biryukov
RU Website: andata.ru
EN Website: saasandata.com

"Andata — CDP + DMP with Big data and machine learning, designed to increase the number of conversions for your business and marketing campaigns."

Andata — cloud service of multichannel web analytics. Based on big data and machine learning, it optimizes the purchase of online advertising and reduces the cost of conversion action.

AsisVisa Immigration
Country of Origin: Colombia
Founders: Sergio Suarez, Juan Esteban Torres
Website: asisvisa.com
Pitch Deck: here

“Automated web assistant in the preparation of immigration forms.”

AsisVisa is a web-based legal service that uses automated legal guidance so that Latino immigrants can prepare their family and employment based immigration forms. We provide our customers with the technological tools necessary to streamline the immigration process.

Country of Origin: Australia, USA
Founders: William Henry Miller Jr, Vincent Tomie
Website: bazaah.com
Pitch Deck: Here

“Bazaah is the online marketplace to source products in small quantities directly from manufacturers and suppliers around the world.”

Bazaah is the online marketplace to discover and connect with suppliers, manufacturers, and producers around the world who supply ready-made and custom products in small commercial quantities. Today many businesses, entrepreneurs, sole traders and more require the ability to source products from suppliers and manufacturers in small quantities. But at this time, sourcing products in small quantities is a complex, tiresome and frustrating process that most buyers cannot easily overcome. But now Bazaah is here to change this and provide buyers around the world direct access to the suppliers and manufacturers globally who sell products in small quantities across a wide variety of industries from fashion to equipment.

Country of Origin: Chile
Founders: Álvaro Carrasco, José Massaro, Felipe Zanoni and Carlos Ojeda
Website: braveup.com
Pitch Deck: Here

“Software to prevent, predict and detect bullying and cyberbullying.”

Software as a service shared with school staff to manage the relationships of the school community. Schools can prevent, predict and detect in real time bullying and cyberbullying in just a few short steps.

Country of Origin:
Website: parcy.co
Pitch Deck:

“Parcy is the first collaborative event platform.”

Parcy is the platform that allows fortune 500 companies and event agencies to collaborate and deliver customized virtual, hybrid, and in-person events personalized for each attendee, supported by Parcy's event managers

Country of Origin: Spain
Founders: Fran Lopez
Website: clientify.com
Pitch Deck: Here

“Hubspot for small companies, Marketing and Sales Growth Platform.”

Clientify is an all in one marketing and sales SaaS platform that helps SME grow without compromise. We provide a clear pathway and the necessary tools to facilitate the digital transformation and automation of the sales and marketing process. We have a presence in more than 24 countries, with more than 10.000 users - Software that helps companies grow.

Country of Origin: Nigeria
Founders: Elohor Thomas, Philisiah Mwaluma, Dexter Ouattara, Nduta Dennis
Website: codeln.com
Pitch Deck: Here

“CodeLn helps innovative companies seamlessly hire
verified Programmers at the click of a button.”

Codeln is an end-to-end technical recruitment platform. We offer the best approach to recruiting software developers by automating the entire process- cutting down technical recruitment time by90%. We understand the hiring process is hectic and time-consuming and identifying skilled talent and employing a wrong fit slows down technical productivity rate. We make recruiting software developers a fast and easy process!

Country of Origin: Ghana
Founders: Kwadwo Amo-Addai, Chukwuemeka Ndukwe
Website: cofundie.com
Pitch Deck: Here

“Real Estate Investing made simple”

Cofundie is a real estate financing ecosystem working to connect property developers with financing for their middle income housing projects and middle income earners with suitable home financing options

Country of Origin: USA
Founders: Levy Yakubov, Joseph Bouffard
Website: fulflld.com
Pitch Deck: Here

“We are a white glove catering food delivery service for brands.”

We are a white glove catering food delivery service for brands. We focus on delivering large orders for large brands that are looking to provide high end customer service, as well as small brands that are looking to expand rapidly.

Country of Origin: Russia
Founders: Anastaisia Batkhina, Vladislav Baimurzin, Pavel Khramov
Website: inmind.pro/eng

Pitch Deck: Here

“Coursera with virtual work experience for tech professionals.”

Fully automated platform for intelligent up-skills training in Tech. The platform digitizes the current user’s skills level, and then it builds an individual learning trajectory based on the recommendation system. The user gets only needed skills. The training includes skills centered tasks and real case stories with gamification.

Country of Origin: Russia
Founders: Kirill Sizyumov, Ivan Gurkin, Nikita Makarov
Website: iteazy.io

“AI-based virtual workspaces for all SMB without IT staff.”

We help founders save up to 90% on workplaces for new and existing employees at the initial stage of starting up their business. By using our service, founders can avoid paying expensive startup costs for new employees all at once. ITEaZy allows founders to pay monthly over the course of two years.

Country of Origin: Russia
Founders: Alexey Karpenko, Konstantin Tarasov, Akman Ivan
Website: joinpro.live
Apps: Google Play, Apple Store
Pitch Deck: Here

“JoinPRO — virtual tours and workshops worldwide”

The guide will become your avatar, taking you to amazing places in real time. See the architecture, learn about history, feel the atmosphere, taste the food and even touch the objects you like. During the online tour, the guide will ask questions to check your attentiveness and erudition on the broadcast. A gift will be raffled among those who answer correctly. We are an International community of travelers and we bring together over 700 guides and locals from more than 200 cities across the globe.

Country of Origin: Russia
Founders: Aleksandr Iurev, Timur Khamzin
Website: pocketfied.com
Pitch Deck: Here

“Ultimate tool to turn your store on shopify to app.”

Pocketfied is a service that creates mobile applications for online stores by subscription and allows the store owner to get a working application in one day, without having to collect and configure it.

Country of Origin: United States
Founders: King Li, Brian Ngo
Website: lystings.co
Pitch Deck: Here
Apps: IOS

“Lystings is a real estate app that helps brokers and agents to organize, network and share listing information. Our platform allows members to work effectively and efficiently, building trust and enable them to gain more organic leads and close more deals.”

Whether your goal is to build a personal real estate business or a multiple agents real estate team, using the Lystings App helps you to organize all of your listings information and allow agents to network and share the latest information amongst fellow brokers, buyers,sellers and most importantly, the clients. We’ve got it covered. Whether it is residential apartment for sale or for rent, or commercial spaces for lease, or sale we've got it covered.

My Real Profit
Country of Origin: Ukraine
Founders: Demyan Lazurko, Lev Deliatynskyi
Website: myrealprofit.com
Pitch Deck: Here

“Analytics, finance and accounting automation for e-commerce in 1-click”

My Real Profit is a financially focused B2B SaaS. We automate accounting, analytics and finances for e-commerce sellers doing business on Amazon, Shopify, Walmart etc. Our key objective is to help companies gain a better understanding of their business performance on a day-to-day basis and get rid of routine calculations.

Country of Origin: South Africa
Founders: Lesa Moloi, Thabang Sithole
Website: parkupp.co.za
Pitch Deck: Here

“Flexible, unique and creative spaces to meet, create and celebrate..”

We help entrepreneurs and creatives connect to unique, flexible and affordable spaces to meet, create and celebrate such as photo-studios, meeting rooms, event spaces, parking and pop-up spaces.

Smart Wallet
Country of Origin: Russia
Founders: Andrew Anfinogenov
RU Website: smart-wallet.one
EN Website: smart-wallet.one/en
One Pager: Here

“Smart Wallet is an electronic card right inside your guest's phone proactively increasing their customer loyalty & revenue.”

With Smart Wallet we help owners of a small business increase their business profit by using personal electronic cards in clients phones which make individual AI communications in all messengers.

Country of Origin: Russia
Founders: Petr Bakulov
Website: v2minc.com

“V2M is developing a solution to help everyone prevent car malfunctions.”

We are currently working in the Russian scientific market, which is included in TOP-10 R&D markets in the world with capitalization of more than $45 billion. We are similar to Tesla in that our R&D is in automatic diagnostic, not only for autopilot vehicles, but for all car markets. Now we have a solution for automatization of diagnostics (consultant system) and we can detect the most frequent malfunctions by sound. We are looking for investments to help us with developing a new system of automatic diagnostic by sound for safety and comfort for all road users.

Country of Origin: Netherlands
Founders: Nicola Kopij Zanin, Stephan Moerman, Lars Sattanathan
Website: viewnary.com
Pitch Deck: Here

“Spend an unforgettable hour at private spaces with the best views. Get your next drink, photoshoot or romantic date with unique views in your favorite city.”

Viewnary is an online platform that connects and manages payments and payouts between Hosts who have properties equipped with unique views such as panoramas, scenic landscapes, skylines and any other unique environments, with Guests seeking to make use of such Listings for a specified amount of time for experiences in the form of Viewings.
We are the perfect alternative to crowded observation decks.