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Founder, CEO at Cofundie

Founder, CEO at BraveUp
Starta Accelerator Graduate

Alvaro Carrasco

School of C Graduate

Anatoly Mireev

King Li

Founder, CEO at Lystings
Starta Advisory Graduate

Founder, CEO at CodeLN
Starta Accelerator Graduate

Elohor Thomas

Founder, CEO at Signum
Starta Accelerator Graduate

Artem Gladkikh

Our Portfolio

  • BraveUp
    Software to prevent, predict and detect bullying and cyberbullying.
  • Cofundie
    A platform for crowd-sourcing funds for the development of buildings using cost efficient and time-saving techniques
  • Lystings
    A real estate app that helps brokers and agents to organize, network and share listing information.
  • Mishka AI
    A kids content delivery platform that helps parents teach and engage their kids as well as create good habits.
  • Sonr
    The world's smallest underwater radio that helps coaches guide their swimmers while they're in the water, and get better results.
  • CodeLn
    CodeLn helps innovative companies seamlessly hire
    verified Programmers at the click of a button.
  • Signum has taken AI and machine learning and packaged it so that any business can streamline their processes and transform everyday marketing and sales fundamentals.
  • Whelp
    AI-based omnichannel shared inbox for customer support over Voice, Email, Live Chat, SMS, and WhatsApp.
  • Weje
    An online whiteboard for work and life.
  • Tracks Racks
    TracksRacks simplifies your fashion sample management system
  • MyRealProfit
    Analytics, finance and accounting automation for e-commerce in 1 click.
  • HowMuchTravel
    Planning travel budgets in 3 minutes.
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