Community of impact
Foundation 01000011
Supporting next generation of entrepreneurs who care to make a difference
Venture Capitalists invest in startups to return money
We invest in entrepreneurs to return impact
We are building a community of entrepreneurs with commitment to give back.

We are a a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization focused on providing opportunities for early stage startups, entrepreneurs and international talent in US through education scholarships and grants, impact investments and initiatives.

In return - we promote "service as action" approach among entrepreneurs and create opportunities for them to give back once they grow and are ready to do so. Scaling the impact with every successful founder.
What we do

Scholarships & grants

We support next generation of tech entrepreneurs through providing startup education scholarships, shared resources and early stage startup grants

Impact investment

We invest in ideas & startups that tackle social causes and don't fit traditional venture capital scope

Art & media

We believe in cross pollination of ideas, people and resources so we created a space and support projects where tech & art coexist to foster collaboration
Current opportunities
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
Startup Education Scholarships
We provide scholarships and educational grants to exceptional students for School of C programs:
  • Startup Executive Program
  • Technology Programs
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Impact Startups Accelerator Track
We launched accelerator track for non-profit, impact and social responsibility oriented startups at Starta Accelerator.
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How it works
Impact return model
Through our grant, scholarship and impact investment programs we are building a community of (future) entrepreneurs who care about social causes and doing good. Giving back mentality and focus is one of prerequisites for participating in our programs.
Participation in our programs requires a commitment. We implement future equity return models on our scholarships and grants to give back and provide support to even more entrepreneurs and causes that matter.
We also coach and mentor startups on integrating giving back features in their business.
Continuous action
As an evergreen fund we reinvest 100% of proceeds from our investments and equity returns. Scaling the impact with every success story.
Topics we care about
We support following causes and focus on creating a better environment for entrepreneurs to thrive
Immigrants and international founders
We know how hard it is to thrive as an immigrant. We support those who challenge themselves to do so.
Art, creativity and self expression
We create a space where tech & art coexist and entrepreneurs and artists can learn from each other
Entrepreneur mental health
Resources and education on how to navigate the challenging pace of building a startup
Service as action
Integrating social responsibility and giving back features in business
Projects we support
Crop and Highlight is business culture and design issue for a world globe audience of readers.
Pixie Labs is an educational project in culture, languages, and communications. The project is spread all over the world and works with kids, teens, and adults.
Marine is a community of those who is deeply in sailing and has an adventurous mind. Explore teams, boats and places.
Venture ecosystem to Find, Fund and Foster early stage talent in tech.
Venture Capital group that includes early stage VC fund & investment infrastructure, startup accelerator and startup business school.


Foundation 01000011
Foundation 01000011 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and evergreen fund focused on providing opportunities for early stage startups, entrepreneurs and international talent in US through education scholarships and grants, impact investments and initiatives.

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