Foundation 01000011
Changing the way people work through education and supporting talent
Our Mission
Filling in the talent gap in early stage tech
The majority of wealth creation today comes from producing added value - as a company, as a team, as an individual.
Conventional employment models leave added value in the hands of corporate structure though capping individual's potential at a much lower level.
Empowering people to build, grow and - most important - own their value is at the core of our mission at Foundation 01000011.
How we do it
promoting entrepreneurship way of thinking and working
Talent development
Investing in education initiatives promoting entrepreneurship and new approaches too education
Opportunities matching
Matching with startups & teams, resources and mentors creating a sandbox to start new ventures
Providing Grants
financial support to start
Initial grants
What we do
We invest in people and initiatives to support talent development
Scholarships for startup education
We support promising talent by providing scholarships for School of C programs to exceptional students through future equity return program.
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Venture Labs
There is no better way to learn then by doing it. We created Venture Labs to provide shared resources and grants for students to execute on their ideas, learn through practice and build startups.
Impact Investment
We support impact driven startup initiatives that don't fit traditional venture capital scope due to lack of clear monetization & exit strategy. And we help them find one.
Connecting Art, Media & Tech
We believe in cross pollination of ideas, people and resources. We created a space and support projects where tech & art coexist to foster collaboration.
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