Foundation 01000011
Venture Philanthropy non-profit fund that invests in people through proving tech education scholarships and supporting related impact driven initiatives
Our Mission
Filling in the talent gap in early stage tech
Foundation 01000011 is part of Starta.
Working closely with startups on early stage team formation has lead us to seeing the talent gap and early employee hiring challenges startups face.
We took on a lead to introduce our own education and impact driven initiatives aiming at fostering talent development in early stage tech.

We believe the hottest asset class is people

Foundation 01000011 is aimed at scaling venture capital model to the level of individuals through education scholarships, grants & impact driven initiatives
What we do
We invest in people and initiatives to support talent development
Scholarships for startup education
We support promising talent by providing scholarships for School of C programs to exceptional students through future equity return program.
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Venture Labs
There is no better way to learn then by doing it. We created Venture Labs to provide shared resources and grants for students to execute on their ideas, learn through practice and build startups.
Impact Investment
We support impact driven startup initiatives that don't fit traditional venture capital scope due to lack of clear monetization & exit strategy. And we help them find one.
Connecting Art, Media & Tech
We believe in cross pollination of ideas, people and resources. We created a space and support projects where tech & art coexist to foster collaboration.
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How we do it
Find. Fund. Foster. Repeat
Investing in individuals through education in tech
We work closely with early stage companies on hiring & team formation and aim at building talent pool of startup early employees and future founders. We provide scholarships and grants for education in tech through future equity return model
Supporting impact driven projects in Art, Tech & Media
We believe in cross pollination of ideas, people and resources. We created a space and support projects where tech & art coexist, where entrepreneurs and artists can learn from each other through sharing ideas and fostering collaboration
Reinvesting 100% proceeds
As venture capitalists at heart we allocate funds with return in mind. As a non-profit venture philanthropy evergreen fund we aim at scaling up our efforts and resources in future through reinvesting 100% of proceeds from returns
Why we do it
As venture capitalists at heart and by trade we realize that the most investable assets are not businesses - it's people. Finding, supporting and investing in the right people is crucial, for both investors and founders alike
More About Starta
We believe that at early stages, great people come before great ideas. Ideas pivot, die, evolve. It’s the people that give worth to those ideas, and bring them into fruition. And not just people, but as we like to call them — C-People.

We refer to the term C as a key person in a startup.
C = Co-founder, CEO, CTO, CMO, CBDO, CPO, COO, Co-investor, etc.

The Starta Ecosystem is designed to attract, match and create opportunities for C at all intersections of our building blocks, that is Starta Capital, Starta Accelerator, School of C and Liqvest.

Foundation 01000011 is aimed at expanding Starta reach through scaling venture capital model to the level of investing in individuals as well as supporting related impact driven initiatives that are not suitable for traditional VC investment.

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